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Football Coach Hire Dundee

Football Coach Hire Dundee

Our fleet comes in latest models and styles to meet the different specific demands. All vehicles are in good condition, and you will never experience a mechanical breakdown during your travel. We service all our fleet on a regular basis. The GPRS tracking system installed in all coaches enables our team to locate you quickly in case you are stuck, and it makes navigation easy for a team on the self-drive package. Also, we have insurance cover policies for all vehicles as required by the Safety Inspection Board and safety belts

We have a good team of professional drivers. They are friendly, courteous and they offer help to the best of their knowledge where necessary. The execution of their service is excellent it leaves you fully satisfied. All our drivers have competence certificate, and they are familiar with the roads. Therefore, you can be sure of reaching your destination on time. We provide service on a 24hour, system. Our drivers are patient even on occasions where your team experiences delayed flights.

Our customer service team is always on standby to answer all your questions and assist with booking. We offer competitive rates on the market, and we always give our clients time to compare our rates with others in this industry before making a choice. Our aim is to provide excellent services no matter the kind of event you intend to hold. We cater for all kind of sports teams from learning institutions to corporate to international and much more. We offer services for long and short term events. We have earned great reputation from our clients for exceptional transport solutions and customer service.

This fleet comes with music entertainment, refreshments, and reclining seats for comfort during the journey. The free Wi-Fi on board allows the team update their schedule on social media to their fans. The overhead storage compartments are ideal for the team's small luggage including their uniform kits. Before dispatch, we take the group through a safety measure practical. We provide over 500 coaches to football fans and teams on a contractual basis. We have deployed a great team of events planners who keep up with football schedules and in the case of matches reschedule, they make quick amendments to fit in the new program.

With several years of experience, we have partnered with various hotel industries. It enables us to recommend our teams to the best hotels in town at no extra cost. With the latest technology in use, we ease the booking procedure for our fans. We have an online ticketing system, whereby individual fans log in and buy in seats avoiding the last minute hassles booking. In the case of new changes, our customer service team sends messages and emails to the clients immediately. With tight schedules of football matches, we have a backup mechanism to cater for emergencies and technical hitch during your travel. International teams visiting for friendly matches love our service. The warm reception they get us from us leaves them feeling like VIPs.

Thank you for choosing our services.