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12 14 Seat Dundee Minibus Hire with Driver

12 14 Seat Dundee Minibus Hire

Dundee is a coastal town located in Scotland on the north bank of the Firth of Tay. The city, which was once a waterfront, has today transformed into a commercial center, and attracts both local and foreign investors.

Reliable Transport Providers

If you are wondering how to move around this busy city, consider enlisting the services of a reliable transport company. Coach Hire Dundee is a reputable transport company that offers world class transportation services to both local and international travelers. With our 12 seater minibus hire Dundee your small team will enjoy their stay in town. However, if the 12 seater is not adequate for you, consider using the 14 seat minibus hire.

Attending all your business meetings will be made easier, and we shall ensure you are in time for all your schedules. We will handle all your transport needs professionally, and you will become a life member user of our services.

Our customer service is unmatchable since we place you as the client at the center of every decision we make. The testimonials from our customers speak volumes about our services. Try our services and experience transport services that will be in line with your specific needs.

Luxury Minibuses On Hire

With Coach Hire Dundee, you will enjoy comfort and class at an affordable price. Our fleets of vehicles come with soft leather seats. The seats make it possible for us to attain our hygiene goals and deliver a clean vehicle. You will also enjoy comfort thanks to the soft cushions fitted in the vehicles. You will not realise you have been on the road for such an extended period due to the comfort of the seats.

To ensure your back and neck are taken care of; the vehicles have reclining seats. You can adjust your seat to a comfortable position while on the road. If you had fears of putting up with backaches after your travel escapades, that would not be the case with our vehicles.

If you love music, we have a range of playlist for you to sample. You can also bring along your collection of music and add to what we already have. You will rock your music throughout the journey and sample all your favorite genres.

Ample Luggage Space

To ensure your luggage is safe and secure during your trip, we have ample storage compartments for all the passengers. The compartments are lockable just in case you want to add an extra security feature. Keep them in the compartments, lock and enjoy your peace of mind. For passengers who may wish to carry fragile items, we have a compartment purely for that. Just talk to the driver and your items will be stored safely.

At Coach Hire Dundee, we have invested in all the extra luxuries that would make your ideal journey a reality. Since we understand your need to keep up with what's happening across the world, we have free Wifi in all our fleets. Keeping up to date with news and your social network will be possible even while on the road. In case you forgot to send your team members an important email, do so while on the move.

To enjoy your drinks cold or chilled, toss them in the fridge and allow them to attain your desired temperature. All these extras are available right in your vehicle of choice.

During the cold season or if you are traveling during the night, the temperatures within the vehicle are in your control. All you need is to adjust them to your preference and enjoy the coziness.

To make your booking, just input the required details on the dashboard and follow the procedure. We shall send you a quote and details of your vehicle.

Make your booking with Coach Hire Dundee in advance and enjoy unbeatable prices and world class transport services.